Support Staff

Meet Our Support Staff

The support team at our three-center practice is dedicated to helping pets down the road to wellness. We are pleased to have more than a dozen members on staff, so you can be confident that all of your pet’s needs will be met. When it comes to caring for your pet, it’s our team that makes all the difference.

Office Staff

Angie H.

Practice Manager

Angie is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and management of Animal Neurology & MRI Center, Animal ER Center, and Animal Rehab & Fitness Center. She started her career as a veterinary neurology technician and played an instrumental role in planning and opening the centers. Now, she continues to mentor new staff members and enjoys visiting with hospitalized patients from time to time. She holds a certificate in veterinary practice administration (human resources, marketing, financial management, and strategic planning) from the Animal Hospital Association of the American Veterinary Management Institute. In her spare time, Angie enjoys camping with her husband and their many dogs. On weekends, you may find her and her dogs competing with their team, Spring Loaded, in the dog sport “Flyball.”

Lenie B.

Client Service Representatives

After moving to the United States from Belgium over 11 years ago, Lenie worked in North Carolina and then South Carolina as a veterinary assistant and customer care representative. She now works as one of our client service representatives. “Each staff member offers something unique and special to this group, and it is great to see it all come together for the clients and patients,” she said of working here. When not in the hospital, Lenie and her wife share their renovated home with a Husky mix names Samson and a Siamese mix named Sophy. She enjoys spending time outdoors; Samson requires two walks a day ran, shine or snow, as Lenie is learning about Michigan. She also loves trying new foods and traveling to new places.

Nicole L.

Client Service Representatives

Nicole is a recent addition to our Client Service team. She is new to the veterinary industry, as she tried her hand at human nursing but missed being surrounded by animals as she grew up. She is now enrolled in a veterinary technician program. We are looking forward to teaching her about specialty medicine.


Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Taylor joined our team in April 2016 with two years of experience in the animal field. She enjoys all the different cases that come in because they’re so interesting, and she learns so much from them. She also loves her coworkers, who have been great and friendly. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, family, and friends; reading; playing softball; and walking her fur babies. Her pets are a Bear, a golden retriever mix; Zeus, a lab mix; Oakley, a beagle mix; and Jackson, a beagle mix.

Technicians and Veterinary Assistants

Keri H., LVT

Keri has been a licensed veterinary technician with the clinic since 2004. Her loyalty to this company and its future shines through everything she does. She has been in the veterinary field for over 15 years. As a licensed veterinary technician, Keri was brought on to perform MRIs on patients. She has been performing them longer than any other tech. She has worked on each and every MR that Dr. Wolf has supplied her with from the MRI trailer in the parking lot of the old building. She sometimes had to carry dogs through snowstorms to get from this trailer to the brand new state-of-the-art indoor imaging center.

Keri is so skilled at MRI and proficient in protocols and procedures, she is the first person who’s called upon to train the new MR technicians. She has a true gift for the technical details and is a great teacher. She walks the new technicians through the process as many times as it takes. She wants them to be comfortable with the procedures, so she sets them up for success by teaching them every little trick that her 12+ years of experience have provided her.

Her tenderness with her patients also makes her great at BAER testing, hearing testing for dogs. She was the first technician at our facility to train in BAER testing and has trained all the technicians who’ve come after her. When litters of pups come in, she is so gentle with them throughout the whole process of what they likely consider unnecessary poking and prodding, but they love her anyways.

Keri has four furry family members: four cats named Bentley Jo, Lilly Rose, Maggie May, and Asher Grey. When not performing MRIs or monitoring our patients in surgery, Keri can be found at the park with her young sons, Aiden and Brenden; and husband, Justin.

Kristin W., LVT

Kristen joined our devoted group in 2007 as a licensed veterinary technician and has been a grand addition, with her supreme surgical skills. She has many years of experience in the veterinary industry, and she knows procedures inside and out. With her vast knowledge, she is a go-to for questions, the centers’ personal reference guide.

She started working in the veterinary industry in 1997 and graduated from Wayne State Community College shortly thereafter with an associate degree in applied science in 1999. She received her veterinary technician license later that year. She was originally hired in as we expanded our services to include a 24/7 emergency center because of her vast emergency experience. Since then, she has worked every shift available at the hospital, so she has been inside both our neurology and emergency surgical suites countless times.

Kristen isn’t just savvy in one area. The ease with which she transitions from one department to the next is seamless. She falls right into place wherever she goes. She was a natural fit into our team all those years ago. Her anesthesia skills may be impressive, but she has a real knack for client care as well. She is streamlined in her process to keep the day moving, but she never misses a beat with a family. She has so many of the answers and makes everyone feel heard and understood. She has a clear and concise way of going over information that makes it simple to understand. “I enjoy working here because of the flexibility,” she said. “One day I could be working in neurology, assisting in surgery, and the next in the emergency room treating a puppy with parvovirus. Everyone is always willing to help each other out, no matter what position they are working that day, including the doctors!”

She currently has three cats and is hoping for a dog for her two sons as soon as they have a bigger home and yard. Kristen loves spending time with her kiddos outside, getting dirty and playing little league. She also loves reading or scrapbooking on those rare days that her sons give her a reprieve from playing in the mud.

Jessica Q.


Jessica has been with our facility since 2007 as a technician. She has a Bachelor of Science from Penn State University in animal bioscience and has been working in the pet-related field since 1997. As one of our resident “cat whisperers,” she might literally be “the cat’s meow.” She is also one remarkable technician! She has such attention to detail and a way with clients, which have to be spoken of together because they are fierce identifiers for her.

For the more than nine years she has spent with us, Jessica has always had a gift for client care. When families bring their pets in to see us, she is the first person who can sympathize with them, get down on the floor with them, and cry with them, but she comforts them in such a way. She expresses her empathy and then explains why this is the right place for them and their pet, and she makes them feel hope. She then works diligently in getting every detail of their pet’s history, leaving no stone unturned when asking what questions they have. She wants to ensure that her families are leaving with every possible piece of information they can get to help make them feel more comfortable with what is going on with their pet.

Jessica is also our resident photographer and a darn good one. We try our best to send photos as often as possible of our hospitalized pets, and Jessica is very devoted to this task. She doesn’t just get any old photo; she makes sure to get exam photos and action shots, and she is the best at catching tender moments between the staff and our patients. She puts forth so much effort for what, to most, is probably a simple picture.

“As a whole, caring for animals has been my entire life,” she said. This is evident from not only her many years of experience, but also in how she spends her free time. She works in a cat rescue (she has a few rescued cats of her own) and takes in many orphaned strays and kittens. She also has a dog that loves when she’s fostering kittens; he loves looking after them. She also said, “Working at Animal Neurology and Rehab & ER Center is great because I am always learning more. I have so much empathy and compassion for both the families and their furry children. I know that I am doing everything I can to make their experience as comfortable as I possibly can. I really want families to feel secure and trust that I am only there to help them.”

When she isn’t working with orphaned cats or spoiling her dog, Jessica loves to spend time outdoors. She loves summer time because she can go catch and release fishing, work in her garden, bike, lie in the sun, and swim as much as she can. She says she is part fish! When stuck inside during colder months, Jessica enjoys cooking and baking to pass the time.

Julie M., LVT

Julie is a licensed veterinary technician in the State of Michigan. She graduated from Macomb Community College Veterinary Technician Program in 1998 and has been working with animals since her internship in a small animal practice in 1997. She joined the team in 2008 as a very skilled ER technician. Her vast experience makes her a great asset to not only our doctors, but our clients as well. She moves efficiently and effectively during emergency cases, anticipating the needs of the doctors and the patients. She is always collected and calm, no matter the amount of patients our doctors are treating at once.

She is also very gentle with her patients. She understands when an animal is in pain or scared and needs the comfort and care that usually only their family can provide them. She is very thoughtful with her patients and goes above and beyond to keep them comfortable. But you can’t talk about Julie’s gentle nature with emergency patients and not discuss her kindness to those patients’ families. Certainly she can quickly and accurately prep an emergency procedure, but she is also incredibly kind to those families coping with an emergency. She empathizes easily, understanding this is a situation in which they never thought they would find themselves. She answers each and every question and shows great compassion. She wants to make sure they, too, are at ease with their pet’s treatment.

Another important thing to mention about Julie is her perfectly timed sense of humor. In emergency medicine, things can get busy and serious, but she knows how to keep things light-hearted. She knows just when to make a doctor or coworker laugh, and she does a fine job of it! You can always count on her to create an enjoyable work environment.

Julie said, “Animal Neurology, Rehabilitation & ER Center is a great hospital to work for. I work with a great set of talented doctors and technicians! Working on the ER at night, I get to see and assist in the care of many ailments and troubles that our beloved pets seem to find. I also get to be a part of the magic that our neurologists perform here! Being part of making a difference in an animal’s life in a positive way, even if only for a day, is so rewarding and why I love my job!”

Julie has a cat named Dayton and two dogs: a Rottweiler named Phoebe that was rescued from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and an American pit bull terrier named Juice that is also a rescue pet. When not working the overnight shift taking in emergencies, Julie enjoys walking her dogs through the woods or taking them swimming. When she isn’t with her four-legged family members, she likes getting out with her family and friends to try new cuisines and wine tastings.

Lea Anne B.


Lea Anne is a veterinary assistant who specializes in client care. She has been with us since 2010 and has been working in the veterinary industry for over 15 years. Our patients have been falling in love with her for years. In fact, she is so loved that we have had dogs bark if she wasn’t the technician caring for them, but the second she walked into the treatment area, they settled right in. She certainly has a way with animals, which is no surprise, since she has been working in veterinary medicine for almost two decades.

Her dedication to patient care is outstanding; she goes above and beyond to not only care for pets, but also in getting to know what it is that they need to be comfortable. Once she has figured out what each pet needs to feel more at home, she is quick to tell everyone else who may be caring for them. The doctors have spoken out time and time again about how much they appreciate her attention to detail for their patients.

Lea Anne’s attention to detail goes beyond her patients; she is always looking for ways to better the hospital’s policies and procedures. She is quick to offer a solution to a problem or offer a more streamlined way of completing a task. She may offer a whole new process or the addition of a simple step to an existing process, such as organizing patient feedings. Her ideas have been very helpful through the years and have shaped many protocols. Lea Anne said, “This hospital offers a very unique work environment. We see neurology cases and emergencies, so you never know what’s going to come in. I also work with a great group of people.”

At home, Lea Anne has two cats, Catta and Kee, and an American pit bull Terrier named Jazzmyn. She loves hiking her dog through local parks, snowshoeing, watching movies, and getting lost in a good book in her free time.

Amanda K.


What a joy! Amanda’s caring nature with our patients and families is unmatched. We have had the pleasure of her company since 2013, and she is certified in nutrition, oral hygiene, and nerve blocks. She’s been working in the field now for more than eight years and is very sociable. Once she meets a family and their pet, she wants to see it through. They have a technician in her for life. We’ve seen her ask to do a discharge so she can spend more time with the family to talk about their pet, or pop out into the lobby to say hi to a family that is visiting or in for a recheck exam. She genuinely cares about pets, but also how their owners are doing. She is so very thoughtful!

Amanda also never forgets a story. If you share something with her as a coworker or as a family, she will remember and ask you about it the next time she sees you. Her genuine nature makes our families feel right at home, even though we may be their ER center or their neurologist’s office. Amanda develops the kind of relationship they might have with their family vet tech whom they have been seeing since their pet was a puppy or kitty. Her authenticity is certainly a reassurance. That thoughtfulness makes her a delight for the staff as well. They know they can count on her to ask how the day is going, how she can help, and that when they leave for the day, and she wishes them a good evening. They know that she is being most sincere.

“I have loved animals from when I was younger,” she said. “The unconditional love you receive from animals is the best feeling in the world, and to be able to help them when they are in need is even better.” Her free time is spent with her husband, Chris (who is also a technician here) and their border collies and cats. She also enjoys hiking, exploring state parks, and reading non-fiction. She is planning to start her border collie Bayah in agility soon. She also loves to cook and hit the museums on a blustery day. She and Chris are such fans of the outdoors and their pets that they took their two border collies on their hiking honeymoon!

Sam B.


Sam is a thorough technician in the best way possible. She splits her time in the hospital between Client Care and our Rehabilitation department. She arrives in the morning and gets right to work, prepping for her day. She wants everything ready to go to make the day as seamless as possible for her clients and the doctors she is working with. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science degree in animal sciences and has been working with animals since 2011.

Sam is extraordinarily good at working with animals. She can walk into a room and know exactly what is going on with a patient before the family has a chance to tell her because she has spent time reading their medical history. She has the doctors’ paperwork prepped before they even ask for it. She is always one step ahead, and those working with her love it! Our families know that someone is paying close attention to their needs, and the doctors likely feel the same. She brings this same preparedness with her to the Rehabilitation department. She works diligently, seeing to it that her clients have everything they need to complete their pet’s in-home exercises.

Her insistence on planning for the day makes her a great technician to train new team members in Client Care. Every doctor says they love the way she prepares their patients, which makes her the perfect person to show others how best to do it. Procrastination is not even in her vocabulary. Once today is done, she moves right on to preparing for the next day, always asking what she can get done today to make tomorrow better.

Sam said, “I enjoy working at this hospital because we can not only diagnose and solve a neurological issue, but continue care with our rehab department. It is wonderful seeing patients get back on their feet.” When not at work, Sam can be found spending time with her husband, searching for good local foods, traveling, and baking. She has two dogs and two cats back on her family farm in Illinois and can’t wait until she has a house of her own here in Michigan to let them all visit.

Melanie T., LVT, CCRP

Melanie has been a wonderful addition to our Rehabilitation department. She is a licensed veterinary technician who also completed her rehabilitation certification. The certification program included case studies, internships, classes, and of course, testing. She first received her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in veterinary technology and is licensed by MI. She has been working in the field for over 10 years.

Melanie is known around the clinic for her patience and gentle nature. She is very quiet and exudes this peaceful demeanor. She can often be found working with the fidgety dog in Rehabilitation because she can soothe them right through their acupuncture session. For those pets that are having a hard time focusing on the day’s exercises, she is very patient with them, working with them slowly to get the results she needs. On a busy patient care day, when there are so many patients and procedures, she works purposefully and diligently through her day with a composed manner. Her patience never waivers. She is always confident in the fact that all the treatments will get done and there is no need to worry over a busy schedule or a packed treatment area.

Melanie said, “I like working here because I am constantly learning new things. This facility brings together people from many different backgrounds that contribute to a very broad and diverse knowledge base. I also enjoy helping animals recover from debilitating illnesses and find pain relief, especially through physical rehabilitation.”

She has two cats named Margo and Theo and a mixed breed dog, which she enjoys taking to training classes and playing with. She also enjoys jogging, reading, playing old school video games, snowboarding, and cooking. She can also be found traveling up north with her partner, Scott, to enjoy Michigan’s great outdoors, hiking, fishing, and campfires. They are also pretty handy when it comes to home improvement projects.

Jeremy G., LVT

A long-time licensed veterinary technician, Jeremy has an eye for emergency medicine. He has been working in emergency and critical care for many years and is laser-focused on getting those critical cases back on their paws. He is always going and always ready to take on another patient. He loves the busy nights and handles them with ease and efficiency.

Jeremy earned his veterinary technician degree from Purdue University and is licensed in MI. He has been working in the industry since 1989. His experience with critical patients makes him a perfect fit for our ER team and to aid with our critical neurological cases. He succeeds in not only monitoring these cases, but also relaying to the family what is exactly going on with their pet.

When out of the hospital, he can be found competing in dog agility competitions nearly every weekend. He has been competing since 1988 and is a member of the Canine Combustion Dog Agility Club and Agility Workout Society of Mid-Michigan (AWSOMM). He competes with his partner, Kathy, and their three dogs: Ronin, an Australian shepherd; Austin, a rat terrier; and Fargo, a border collie.

Megan R., LVT


One of the latest additions to the team, Megan is eager to jump right in. She is constantly asking questions, wants to know each and every protocol and procedure, and be as helpful as possible to the team. She is not timid and wants to learn all the staff can teach her about specialty medicine. She is currently an assistant, but is enrolled to become a licensed veterinary technician. She joins us from a family veterinary practice. This is her first time working in specialty medicine (neurology and emergency), but her enthusiasm means we made just the right choice bringing her aboard. She asks all the right questions and wants to know just how to do things. She is ready for anything. Whether she is asking a fellow technician about a protocol or asking the doctors what a standard course of treatment is for certain neurological conditions, she is always thirsting to learn. If she has a free moment, she asks another question.

She may be new to specialty medicine, but she has been working in the veterinary field for a few years and has great experience with pets and families. She communicates splendidly with families. She is polite, professional, and thoughtful. Just as she is eager to ask our staff questions, she is eager to know about your pet. When she is working in our Client Care department, she is an exceptional listener and leaves no detail left behind. Her histories are extremely thorough because she doesn’t hesitate to ask the extra questions. She wants to gather all the necessary information for the doctors.

Megan said, “I love everything about ANC. All of the staff is friendly and so helpful. I’m one of those inquisitive people that will ask a million questions, and here at ANC, everyone is always so happy to explain their answer to me. It’s a great learning environment, and everyone has the same goal – help the animals and their parents that walk through the doors.”

When not studying, she can be found crafting or enjoying the outdoors. A Texan at heart, she loves catch and release fishing, gardening, hiking, and yard sales. She is coming around to life in MI, except those pesky winters. She attributes her sanity during this time of juggling school and work to her partner, David, for his support and understanding. She loves baking and spending time with her five nieces and nephews.

Sara S.


Sara joined the team with years of experience in specialty medicine. She is very compassionate with our clients and certainly isn’t timid about jumping right in to help. On her second day of training, a critical patient came in, and she immediately began using her years of experience in emergency medicine to carry out the treatments the doctor was recommending and she did a fine job at that. Everyone praised her for her help. Sara said, “I enjoy the atmosphere and the staff’s energy. It is a very positive work environment and makes me remember why I became a tech. I love what I do!”

When not at the office, Sara can be found spending time with her two and four-legged children. She has two children named Jax and Ava and three dogs named Karma, Lacie, and Bernie. She also enjoys playing hockey and softball with her husband, Dan, and likes hitting up thrift stores and going to movies.

Kari H., LVT

Kari joined our team in March 2016 with more than four and a half years of experience in the field. As one of our licensed veterinary technicians, she enjoys the family feel of the team as well as the variety of patients they see. She shares a h Home with her partner, Chuck, and their two cats, Grimm and Digit. She also has a corn snake named Twister. When she’s not at work, she enjoys reading, singing karaoke, spending time with friends, going for walks, reading, and baking.