Education (Neurology)

Client Educational Brochures

Neurology & MRI Center is staffed with a team of professional, experienced doctors who aim not only to treat pets, but to educate clients as well. That’s why we’ve dedicated this page to client education. We have developed “Insights” brochures to help pet owners better understand what their pets are experiencing during a neurological disorder. These educational brochures, which were written by our very own board-certified veterinarians, feature several topics related to neurology. Listed below, these brochures can be printed or downloaded for your convenience.

  • Degenerative Myelopathy: Physical therapy is the best treatment for dogs with degenerative myelopathy, a late onset degenerative disease affecting the spinal cord that’s most typically found in medium and large-breed dogs.
  • Seizures: A seizure is a neurological occurrence that comes on suddenly, is often repeated, and usually involves several stages and symptoms.
  • Vestibular Disease: Head tilting, dizziness, and falling to one side are signs of vestibular disease.
  • Strokes: Pets can have strokes which are comparable to those of people. Strokes tend to occur when pets are middle-aged or older and tend to strike suddenly and without warning.
  • Wobbler Syndrome: This canine syndrome is characterized by “wobbly” legs and a loss of coordination.
  • Atlantoaxial Instability: Dogs with AA instability experience pain and difficulty walking due to the excessive movement between the vertebra.
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease: Quick action is essential to treating disc disease in dachshunds and other small breeds.
  • Seeing the Neurologist: Learn what is involved with your pet’s first visit to the neurologist, step-by-step.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing: To diagnose your pet, we require their history information, a thorough physical and neurological exam, and a diagnostic test.