2013 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design of the Year Award Winners





Animal Neurology, Rehabilitation & ER Center is honored to announce it is an award winner for the 2013 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition.


The vision that lead us here.

Our vision to provide the best technology combined with compassionate care lead us to create three centers in one.  Many neurological disorders are emergencies in nature and as such we wanted to be 24/7 with a doctor on site at all times – this lead us to begin our ER practice.  Neurological disorders require accurate diagnostic capabilities as well as efficiently delivered – this lead to create our diagnostic suites for MRI, CT and Digital Radiography.  Lastly, neurological patients need rehabilitative services to bring back motor skills as quickly as possible – this lead us to begin our rehabilitation practice.  We have created a center that allows clients to have their pets neurological needs met from start to finish, all within one comprehensive facility.



How we work together.

Many of our patients come to us as an emergency, some completely paralyzed and they require immediate imaging, surgery and physical rehabilitation to help regain full use of their limbs.  Often times the family members of these pets have not yet formed a relationship with us, they are worried about their pet, they have questions and they are scared.  It is our goal to welcome them into our facility, keep them well informed throughout the process and provide a comfortable calming environment.



Prior to building the new facility, we were a stand-alone neurology practice without an emergency service or rehabilitation. Understanding that fully healing our patients would require a combination of emergency service, neurology, MR imaging and rehabilitation, our vision was to have a center where this could be accomplished under one roof.  When choosing to design and build a new facility, these three components were essential to achieving our vision.  In addition, we wanted a warm and welcoming environment that gave people comfort knowing that they have come to the right place.  Our building and most importantly, our doctors and staff, made that a reality.



The imaging suite of our hospital is our most unusual feature.  We have dedicated MRI, CT and Digital Radiography suites, making diagnosis of our patients’ neurological disorders efficient and accurate enabling treatment to be determined in a timely manner.



Our rehabilitation area is equipped with an overhead lift system to help facilitate physical therapy sessions on our larger, non-ambulatory patients.  We also have two underwater treadmills to offer water therapy, along with acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, cold laser therapy as well as a range of physical exercises and massage.



Our emergency department is staffed with highly skilled urgent care veterinarians and certified critical care technicians. We supplement the care of your family veterinarian by being available to you after hours or when a regular appointment is not possible. Our instant triage means that your pet’s condition will be assessed immediately. Our state-of-the-art facility and diagnostic equipment insure that your pet’s emergency is diagnosed and treated quickly.



By combining all facets of emergency care, neurology/neurosurgery, MR imaging and rehabilitation into our hospital, we were able to ensure that from the moment a pet and their family came through our front door, through the last rehabilitation appointment, all their needs would be met.  We are three centers, one place – bringing together advanced medicine, patient health and well-being, and compassionate care.


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