Transforming pet neurocare with compassion and innovation

Welcome to the future home of The Animal Neurology Center – where cutting-edge neuroimaging and surgical care meet the heart of pet-loving expertise.


At The Animal Neurology Center, we’re committed to setting a new standard in pet neurology care. Our mission is to deliver state-of-the-art neuroimaging and surgical solutions with a compassionate approach that prioritizes both pet health and pet owner’s peace of mind.

Leading with Care, Expertise, and a Vision for the Future

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7200 sqft of specialized care and education

Our specialized services in neuroimaging and neurosurgery will be at the forefront of veterinary science.

The Animal Neurology Center will be a pivotal source of knowledge, providing comprehensive educational resources that foster ongoing professional development for veterinary experts nationwide.

What Dr. Wininger brings to the veterinary community is unparalleled. His skill, expertise, and referral opportunities are an invaluable resource to the veterinarians he supports and the patients he cares for. I know that my patients are receiving the best possible medical care under his advisement.

— Zach Whitehead, DVM

Dr. Wininger’s and his neurology team are top-notch. Nearly eight months ago, I thought I’d lost my boy Gryffin; however, his team stepped in, and I’m proud to report as of 04/20, he is officially in remission.

— SJ Huffman

Endorsed by experts and loved by pet owners

The ANC is the vision of Dr. Fred Wininger

Soon to be a hub of technological excellence and collaboration

Innovation drives us forward and we invest in the industry that invests in us. The ANC is proud to partner with leading companies and institutions to help pets with the latest advancements in veterinary medicine. From neuroimaging to neurosurgery, we won’t be just practicing the future of pet care — we’ll be creating it.

Partners that care for our pets as much as we do


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Have a question or want to reach out? The Animal Neurology Center team is here for you as we eagerly anticipate our grand opening this summer.