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2015 Survivor Story

2015 Survivor

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Dora, an 8 year old Collie, suffered a stroke.

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Dr. Adam Moeser

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On Day 9, let's mention Breanne!

We would be completely remiss during this technician celebration not to mention our fantastic assistants, one such being Breanne.

She began her career with us as a receptionist and over her time here has trained more and more with the staff in patient care and now she is the epitome of helpful, diving in to wherever she is needed in a day. It is common to hear her ask, "What can I do?" or "how can I help?" She does anything from taking care of the laundry on a busy day or spending time sitting with a patient that isn't comfortable being alone in a kennel. She doesn't mind the task; she just wants to be useful to her coworkers. It has been said by our patient care technicians that her support is invaluable to our patients.

She is also the first to make sure a pet looks presentable to go home. She is an experienced groomer and doesn't hesitate to take the extra time to bathe, blow dry and brush out our patients. A disheveled patient just will not do for her, they must be looking their best to head home with their family.

Breanne, thank you for willingness to be a team player and jump right in and for seeing to it that our patients head home feeling and looking better! Here's to you!
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Today is Day 8 of our technician parade, today is Sarah's day!

Let's start with Sarah's complete devotion to her career as a licensed veterinary technician. Sarah is an exceptional technician who went on after becoming licensed to obtain her VTS (ECC), a certification in emergency and critical care. Achieving VTS status is based on work experience, continuing education, accumulation of a myriad of advanced skills, and passing the certification test. Since joining our team she has also become proficient in imaging as well.

Her many skill sets makes her a great addition to the team and an incredible teacher. Sarah speaks at continuing education events for veterinary technicians throughout the year , she executes continuing education seminars for our staff, and is a mentor for incoming staff members. She has an instructive way about her and a vast knowledge of veterinary procedures.

Sarah's devotion to further hers and others knowledge base is beyond admirable. She desires to help others thrive in their field and will share any and all information if it means she can help a staff member learn something new or improve their technique.

Sarah also has a strong commitment to her coworkers. She is in charge of staff scheduling and her loyalty to providing adequate staffing for our doctors in order to provide the exceptional level of care we promise our families is her number one priority. She is quick to fill in for sick coworker to keep our days running smooth for our families and their pets. She works diligently to provide each team member with a fair schedule, but also seeing to it that the hospital has exactly what it needs.

Sarah, thank you for your loyal commitment to your coworkers, education and the overall advancement of this hospital and its staff. Here's to you!
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On Day 7 let's celebrate Lea Anne, what can we say, her patients love her!!

They've been falling in love with her for over five years. She is so loved in fact we have had patients who would bark if she wasn't the technician caring for them, but the second she would walk into the treatment area they would settle right in. She certainly has a way with animals, which is no surprise since she has been working in veterinary medicine for almost two decades.

Her dedication to her patient care is outstanding, she goes above and beyond to not only care for your pets but also in getting to know what it is that they need to be comfortable. Once she has figured out what each pet needs to feel more at home she is quick to tell everyone else who may be caring for them. The doctors have spoken out time and time again about how much they appreciate her attention to detail for their patients.

Her attention to detail goes beyond her patients, she is always looking for ways to better the hospital's policies and procedures. She is quick to offer a solution to a problem or offer a more streamlined way of completing a task. She may offer a whole new process or the addition of simple step to an existing process such as organizing patient feedings. Her ideas have been very helpful through the years and have shaped many protocols.

Lea Anne, thank you for the consideration of not only our patients's medical needs but their psychological needs as well. Thank you for taking the time to solve an issue at hand and create a new and better process for our whole staff. Here's to you!
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Day 6... Let's here if for Julie!

She is a licensed tech who joined the team in 2008 as a very skilled ER technician.

Julie is a gifted emergency technician; her vast experience makes her a great asset to not only our doctors but our clients as well. She moves efficiently and effectively during emergency cases anticipating the needs of the doctors and the patients. She is always collected and calm no matter the amount of patients our doctors are treating at once.

She is also very gentle with her patients. She understands when an animal is in pain or scared and needs the comfort and care that usually only their family can provide them. She is very thoughtful with her patients and goes above and beyond to keep them comfortable.

But you cannot talk about Julie's gentle nature with emergency patients and not discuss her kindness to those patients' families. Certainly she can quickly and accurately prep an emergency procedure but she is also incredibly kind to those families coping with an emergency. She empathizes easily, understanding this is a situation in which they never thought they would find themselves. She answers each and every one of their questions and shows great compassion. She wants to make sure they too are at ease with their pet’s treatment.

One more important thing to mention about Julie, her perfectly timed sense of humor. In emergency medicine things can get busy and serious, but she knows how to keep things light-hearted. She knows just when to make a doctor or coworker laugh and she does a fine job of it! You can always count on Julie to create an enjoyable work environment.

Julie, thank you for using your vast knowledge to not only aide our doctors in giving great care to our patients but also easing the nerves of their concerned families and to making sure your teammates also enjoy their day at work. Here's to you!
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Today marks Day 5 and we must discuss Jessica!

Jessica might literally be "the cat's meow." She is definitely one of our resident "cat whisperers" but she is also one remarkable technician!

She has such attention to detail and such a way with clients and I have to talk about these two things together because they are fierce identifiers for her.

For the more than 7 years she has spent with us Jessica has always had a gift for client care. When families bring their pets in to see us she is the first person who can sympathize with them, get right down on the floor and cry with them. But then she comforts them in such a way, she expresses her empathy and then explains why this is the exact right place for them and their pet and makes them feel hope.

She then works diligently getting every detail of their pet's history and leaves no stone un-turned when asking what questions they have. She wants to ensure that her families are leaving with every possible piece of information they can get to help make them feel more comfortable with what is going on with their pet.

She is also our resident photographer and a darn good one. We try our best to send photos as often as possible of our hospitalized pets and Jessica is very devoted to this task. She doesn't just get any old photo, she makes sure to get exam photos, action shots and she is the best at catching tender moments between staff and our patients. She puts forth so much effort for what to most is probably a simple picture.

Jessica, we thank you! Your commitment to your families and their hope and comfort is unparalleled! Here's to you!
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